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Description – Sharon Steinman and Dyann Munoz have created the perfect companion to their book Shattered: Coping with the Pain of DivorceShattered was written to encourage women, providing spiritual support for the pain associated with divorce.  The authors’ intent was to renew the reader’s hope as they relayed their own personal, deep pain.  Shattered: The Workbook  goes deeper and broader in its reach to help the hurting.  Whether it is the loss of a spouse, a child, a home or a job, the painful struggle is the same. The Workbook ministers to men and women facing their own frustration, pain, grief and other common issues.  Thirty-one emotional challenges are addressed and serve as a powerful source of healing to individuals and group Bible studies as well as a counseling tool in a therapy environment.



Author Bio - Sharon Steinman - Sharon speaks from personal experience as she shares the emotionally difficult time she encountered through the pain of divorce. She thought she would die from a broken heart.  However, God had his healing hand on her and she saw the promise of a new future.  Sharon lives in Lake Charles, Louisiana and enjoys cooking, crafts and the outdoors.  She has 3 married children and 7 grandchildren.


Dyann Munoz – Dyann also speaks from personal experience of loss - the sudden death of the man she was going to marry.  When Dyann’s loved one died, Sharon was there as a friend and a support to walk with her through the pain and  heartache while God brought healing and comfort. Dyann hails from Detroit, Michigan, but now calls Mobile, Alabama, home.  She is the proud mom of two married sons and 4 grandchildren. When Dyann isn’t working as a designer or writing, she enjoys cooking, sewing, reading and painting.

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15 February
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