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Publisher Description

As a Registered Nurse with a long career in Emergency Medicine, caring for every type of illness and injury know to man and caring for patients in such a high stress atmosphere was all she knew how to do.

It wasn’t until after sustaining a life changing - career ending injuries in a freak accident herself, did she realize that being the patient brought a whole new meaning to pain, strength, motivation and hope. Having been through a medical life altering experience, it has given her a completely different perspective of how your life, your body, your mind, your finances change in an instant. Never take a moment for granted because you never know when life as you know it will change in a split second.

By using her medical and counseling career, combining it with her personal experience as a patient, she can help you take your own experiences and personal situations of adversity, and turn it around. She will give you examples, steps and true stories you can relate to in your own life. These stories will make you laugh, motivate you, bring you to tears and allow you to see that you are not alone in what you are going through. She has been there and understands how even the smallest of issues can feel like the end of the world, when you are experiencing it in real time. By reading this book, you will hear from someone who has been where you are and help guide you to where you want to be. It’s not an easy road, but after working very hard herself, getting back up was the only option to move forward.

Body, Mind & Spirit
17 December
Balboa Press