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Shattering mirages is a collection of 22 deeply insightful quotes.

The book is divided into two parts –the first part has quotes on self-development and deep emotional fulfillment while the second part is about inter-personal relationships.

In the first part Aanchal’s initial quotes are like a sudden, powerful earthquake in the middle of the night that rouse one from the typical sleepwalk of life .They peel away layers of banality and mundane that one is usually stuck in and prod you to determine and live your life puspose. Her words deeply touch the soul arousing it to newer spiritual heights of satisfaction and emotional ecstasy.

The next few quotes provide strong and useful strategies about how to win between cross-fires of societal expectations and upholding own personal values .They exhort you to not bend backwards for acceptance or put up masks of external decorations to receive validation ,but to fully accept and applaud your raw uncouth yet real self .

Going forward, Aanchal addresses age old, dogma- driven, non-pragmatic and limiting mindsets which are roadblocks to abundance and smashes them with overhauling paper-weights of transformative positivity.Her quotes snap open your surface and ignite your hidden strengths and strong growth potential with the flame of empowering hope. She then continues to fan the flames with inspiring words till they turn into blazing passion of success.

In the second part the initial few quotes touch upon the topic of self-esteem and its importance in our interpersonal relationships. Aanchal writes “ An individual without adequate self esteem and a deep self love is like an untended garden in which dahalia seeds have been spread but not watered.After a while the garden is overpowered by weeds and is no longer a garden but a destroyed junkyard “.

The next few quotes tear down sky high walls of hypocrisy and deception in associations and annihilate them with dynamite of reality. They encourage one to form only high quality associations replete with depth ,meaning, loyalty and consistency and choose them over temporarily gratifying and thus inauthentic ones.

The last few quotes emphasize the importance of healthy boundaries and a tamed ego in interpersonal relationships .Aanchal writes “Boundaries are like a gland which helps protect the captain’s cabin ( and thus the direction the ship of life would take ) as it traverses stormy seas of turmoil-ridden life.If not present, storms of cynicism, negativity, emotional trash can enter the captains’ cabin and cause utter destruction to life purpose “.

The book thus is a short yet compelling read which will overhaul pre-existing emotional patterns and beliefs that prevent explosive emotional growth and enriching relationships and help embark upon a spiritual journey of inner transformation leading to extensive happiness.

Body, Mind & Spirit
2 November
Aanchal Parker
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