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There is an overwhelming sense of calm with every word that Sheryl pens to a page. Her professionalism is commendable while her fun-loving approach, an absolute joy. ---Gemma P.

Sheryl the Shrink, says, gives such a positive perspective on our human experiences. It offers humbling reminders on how we can enrich our lives with a healthy conscience. ---Anne Y.

I have been reading Sheryl the Shrink, says blogs since its inception and I am grateful to Sheryl for using everyday topics of which I can relate. ---Nicholas T.

Sheryl captures the differences between love and attachment within one paragraph, concluding with the line, Love comes from the heart; attachment comes from the head. Always listen to your heart! This is a quote that one can easily read, remember, and apply! ---Lauren H.

Sheryl the Shrink, says is my go-to series for insight and inspiration. I love how Sheryl is able to slice through the jargon and get to the heart of the matter. The advice is straightforward and framed in common language thats clear and concise. ---Greg J.

I love and truly look forward to posts by Sheryl the Shrink. The advice is always spot on, relevant and presented in a way that makes you think. ---Ruby G.

Sheryl the Shrink, says, is a compilation of insights, life lessons, observations and strategies by psychotherapist, Sheryl Schembari, LCSW. Sheryl provides practical solutions to common issues that often create barriers in peoples lives. According to Sheryl, The pearls of wisdom contained in this book have helped me, family members, friends, and clients to live according to our authentic selves.

Emotional freedom is a blessing that most of us have trouble experiencing. It allows us the safety to live within our truth. However, in order for people to experience emotional freedom, they must first face the truth about themselves. Psychotherapy helps people access suppressed emotions that enable them to heal and grow. As you read this book, be in your truth, accept your truth and allow yourself the freedom to let go.

The purpose of this book is to give those searching for answers to ordinary problems a tool to achieve immediate success. Each chapter is designed to educate, inspire and empower others to make the best choices that support their emotional freedom.

Body, Mind & Spirit
23 February