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She’s Mine: A tale of forced submission and obsession

Warning: This book contains graphic scenes of BDSM, bondage, voyeurism and sexual manipulation!

In the first instalment of this three part series discover what happens when the light of true love struggles to burn in the darkness of domination and forced submission!

Nathan Blake's a good man forced into the world of domination and sexual torture because of the woman he loves. For the past two years he’s fought to protect Sarah from the depraved deeds of their Mistress Janine Bordeaux only to find out on the anniversary of their enslavement to the cruel dominatrix, she’s conjured up the darkest and most torturous plan that will test his and Sarah’s love more than it has ever been tested before.

Sarah was just a normal girl, fleeing her old life on the outskirts of a small town to start a new one in the middle of the bright City.

Had she known that she would end up bound and sexually tortured every night at the forced hands of the man she loves, she may have reconsidered her big move, quickly packed her bags and headed home. There’s only one reason why she won’t leave the desperate life she now leads and that’s to protect the man she loves.

Yet with them both forced night after night to comply with their mistress’s demands Sarah now worries how much more their love can withstand!

On the second anniversary of their initiation into Bordeaux's sex ring, Mistress Janine has a shocking confession that may force the lovers apart! Can they withstand the most testing trial forced on their young love or will the couple finally be separated from each other for good?

Find out what happens in the first instalment of She’s Mine!

17 April
Lily Anderson
Smashwords, Inc.

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