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This book first and foremost is a celebration of my journey as
a healer and the many people and lives that I have touched along
my road. It is a first-hand account of my experiences with the
thousands of people that have received healing from me, in its
many forms. You will read about my life from the beginning
and that night when I first found out I was a healer and the
origins of my power. Few experiences have been so rewarding
that I feel totally blessed to do what I do. It has been a privilege
to be chosen for this mission and I fully accept the
responsibility. Though there have been many challenges along
the way I have remained focused on my journey as a healer and
was sent here to do just that - heal, in turn, solutions have
always been found.
I have chosen to give you the version edited by me, as this is
how I speak. Having a stammer has shaped the way I speak and
being dyslexic means that I have terrible syntax, a word I only
discovered when a friend begun to proofread my book a few
months ago. Although I achieved an O Level grade B in English
Language, and haven’t read many books, I warn you now that
my standard of grammar may not be up to the standards you’re
used to. In fact the only book that I have read from cover to
cover, in the last 2 years has been “Illusions – The Adventures
of a Reluctant Messiah” by Richard Bach.

Body, Mind & Spirit
1 January
Impression Publishing
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