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EVER wondered what your doctor really thinks about you? Or why you can’t get an appointment? Or what that funny buzzing noise in your ear is?

Sick Notes – the real-life story of life in a doctor’s surgery – may help with some answers…



'We wanted to thank you for all you did for mum over the last 14 years,' said Mrs Cobham.

Excitedly, I peered into the plastic bag. Inside was one small loaf of sliced bread.

'Er...' I stammered. 'Well, that's lovely.'

She nodded and smiled. 'It was the least we could do, doctor,' she said.

Welcome to the bizarre world of Tony Copperfield, family doctor.

He spends his days fending off anxious mums, elderly sex maniacs and hopeless hypochondriacs.

The rest of his time is taken up sparring with colleagues, battling bureaucrats and banging his head against the brick wall of the NHS.

If you've ever wondered what your GP is really thinking - and what's going on behind the scenes at your surgery - SICK NOTES is for you.

'A wonderful book, funny and insightful in equal measure.' Dr Phil Hammond (Private Eye’s ‘MD’).

'Copperfield is simply fantastic, unbelievably funny and improbably wise... everything he writes is truer than fact.' British Medical Journal.

'Original, funny and an incredible read.' The Sun

'A mix of the hilarious, the mundane and the poignant. Dr Copperfield reveals what goes on behind those surgery doors.' The Daily Mail



About the author

Tony Copperfield is the nom de plume of two working GPs who have been in practice for around 20 years.

14 June
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Customer Reviews

Broloui ,

A bit dull

A doctor having a very, very long whinge, get over it! Yawn.

Brakkjhgc ,


Boring & not at all funny... This guy is rude, disrespectful & talks down about anyone who is not a GP. I'm not sure if he realises but he couldn't do his job without the receptionists, nurses, social workers, hospital staff etc. Get over yourself mate, you're a GP! It's not exactly life or death situations all day. Go work in an ED or an ICU & see how other Drs really work!!

Emick2008 ,

Really insightful, well-written and funny!

I really enjoyed this book. Great value