Simple Guide to Raising Babies: Conception, Pregnancy, Birth, Breastfeeding, Sleep Conditioning in 7 Days, Weaning, Potty Training and Parenting Tips. From Healthy Newborn Baby to Thriving Toddler‪.‬

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Are you excited to raise a baby but still have many unanswered questions and concerns? If so, then keep reading…

Whether you're just getting ready for a pregnancy, currently expecting, nurturing a newborn or dealing with toddler toilet training, Simple Guide to Raising Babies is your trusted manual to take on this incredible journey. Full of scientifically backed advice to enable you to:
• Optimize your chance to conceive
• Understand the stages of pregnancy and how to prepare for a stress-free childbirth
• Eat the right nutrients to increase your baby's IQ and ensure they develop healthily
• Make informed choices as to what type of labor is right for you
• Decide on whether to breast or bottle feed (or both!)
• Sleep train your newborn in 7 days using a simple step by step guide
• Know when to wean and which foods to feed
• Discover when and how to potty train your infant
• Resolve doubts and respond in conflicting situations
• Learn how to ensure your baby will thrive when they grow up.

Unlike long, complicated handbooks that educate on only a single aspect of your pregnancy, this comprehensive guidebook takes you through the entire process. This book is the ultimate quick reference guide to raising babies for first time mums and those that just need a refresher!

'Simple, concise and scientifically sound advice. An essential guide to raising babies'
Dr. David James, Imperial College London

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13 November
David James
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