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Publisher Description

The curiosity of finding my light sparkled many years ago!

I started documenting my life around 1999, when it took a turning point. My aim was to gather as much information about the spiritual journey I found myself encountering.

Through my frustration and confusion, I decided to find inner system adjustments (ISA) in a very easy and clear way on how to heal yourself and create alignment with the abundance of the universe in the realm of divinity.

The following are reasons to do it:

To balance your chakras, release your unconsciously programmed karma, and reprogram your mind
To revitalize and detoxify your body, to release stale emotional states in order to revive and recommit to living from your heart thats full of love and joy, and to reconstruct your entire life with effective tips, tools, and techniques
To live in a healthy body that can provide you with a stable, wealthy, happy, and harmonious soul that understands its true purpose
To guide you to being a better human being in a spiritual body here on this earth

It will not be what material worth you gain in this lifetime that matters. Rather, it is how much you loved with your heart and soul!

To love strongly is to have a strong shelter from negativity and to live strongly!

This is the book of a woman who went through a dark chapter of her life, when nobody else could help her. She turned to the light and energy within herself, which actually is the light and energy that is the truth of us all (Helga Scheiflinger).

Devika has composed a step-by-step guide to becoming a positive and prosperous being. Her life journey has truly brought about this inspirational and insightful book (Nirmala).

Body, Mind & Spirit
26 July
Balboa Press