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This book is a guidebook on how to achieve frictionless simplicity for the digital items that are important in your everyday life by using advanced and very complex technologies. It is also about how to have your digital stuff securely and automatically backed up for when and/or if you lose, break or have your digital device stolen or destroyed.

In this book you will learn how to bring simplicity to your world while still using the most advanced personal technologies ever devised by humans.

We learn over time that often the latest cool gadget can be more hype than hope, that there can be a steep adoption curve to the new, and that the essential difference between high tech and low tech is that low tech still works.

Simplicity is all about attitude. It is about serenity. It is about controlling your attention span so that you can focus on the moment, on a task, or on listening to a person.

If your devices make a sound and their screens flash something it should be because you had them do it. This requires you to set them up to do your bidding, and manage them from time to time as they carry out your bidding.

Make technology serve you as much as humanly possible

The Apple iCloud is as close to seamless and frictionless synchronicity as we have been able to come to thus far. It’s far from perfect, nor as broad as some of us may like, but it’s about as good as it gets right now.

This book points out that simplicity is not always just about the technology available, but also how you use it, and your general approach to life. If you are a buzzed up high technology junkie with an attention deficit, and unrealistic expectations, then nothing will ever satisfy you. On the other hand, if you are a normal person, with a real non-technical life, then technology complements and smooth’s out your life.

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31 October
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