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There are hundreds of books about mindfulness.  Why would you want to read this one?

As a health psychologist, I’ve worked for over two decades with people from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances who were dealing with severe life challenges.  I taught them simple mindful practices so they could reclaim their lives from stress, worry and anxiety – and I wrote Simply Mindful: A Daily Practice to Reclaim Your Life so that everyone could benefit from these simple but powerful practices.

The book includes inspiring stories from people such as  

- Eleanor, who had terrible neighbors move in next door after her husband died. 

- Larry, a commodities trader who developed heart disease and became a pain to his family. 

- Jane, a retail clerk who discovered two weeks after she retired that her husband had Alzheimer’s disease. 

- Dr. Beth, who considered giving up her career because she thought her medical error had led to the death of one of her patients. 

- Joe, whose irritability not only ruined his enjoyment of golf, but threatened his marriage.

All of these people – and many more – discovered how to live with and sometimes change difficult circumstances by using mindful practice.  The book explains why and how mindful practice works, and includes unique exercises that make it easier and less time consuming. 

I’ve also included a few stories of the benefits I’ve seen in my own life – and frankly, I wouldn’t teach and write about mindful practice unless I’d seen its benefits for myself. 

So if you’re facing a difficult life challenge or are stressed, worried or anxious, this book is for you.

With my very best wishes,

Albert Bellg, Ph.D.

Clinical Health Psychologist

Body, Mind & Spirit
30 March
LifePath LLC
Ingram DV LLC