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The Tabernacle – Our Temple Synopsis
By Doug Vermeulen

If we search the scriptures we find that there have been 5 meeting places of God with man.
*[1] The stone altar
*[2] The tabernacle of Moses
also known as the Sanctuary, Tent of testimony, or Witness, House of God, Tent of the congregation, Temple.
*[3] The Temple of Solomon
*[4] The Lord Jesus Christ Himself
*[5] Jesus Christ in you
Know You Not That You Are The Temple Of The Living God?
The tabernacle of Moses constitutes in actual and symbolic form the Temple of the Living God, and so below is a listing of how the Tabernacle was made up. Also very brief, not all, symbolism is given, as these are extensively covered in the book.
The Gate Of The Court.
Symbolism provided in the book.
Having seen Jesus we can now partake of what He has done for us.
The Courtyard
Speaks of reconciliation between God and man.
The Brazen Altar - The Burnt Offering - - A Voluntary Offering
of sacrifice & death to flesh and self, the PRICE paid by Jesus Christ for us, fulfilling our responsibility, thus we can by faith appropriate the PRICE paid by Jesus Christ, coming to die for our sins
The Brazen Laver - The Trespass Offering A Compulsory Offering
New Testament equivalent = Sanctification
The Entrance To The Tent Of Meeting
Including the gold pillars.
The entrance with its five gold pillars and curtains is symbolic of the Five-fold ministries in the book of Ephesians - Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist and Teacher.
The Golden Candlestick - A compulsory offering - New Testament equivalent = Revelation
Symbolism provided in the book.
The Light went forth by oil [a type of the Holy Spirit] in 7 [perfection] hollowed out bowls, which burned continually.
Oil For The Lampstand
Symbolism provided in the book.
Anointing Oil
Symbolism provided in the book.
The Table Of Shewbread - A Voluntary Offering
Symbolism as follows: -
The Shewbread consisting of twelve cakes/loaves = divine government, 12 apostles, administration. Each was made from 2x1/10 deals of fine flour. Two stacks; six in each.
fine flour = the material (money, time, service, etc.
The Altar Of Incense - A Voluntary Offering
Symbolism provided in the book.
The incense had to be sweet, pure, holy, perpetual, fragrant.
The Ark Of The Covenant
The Symbology for the Ark of the Covenant and all the various parts of the Tabernacle are found in Book 8
Contained the law, pot of manna, the rod that budded, and over and above these items; the mercy seat; and above these two cherubim’s facing each other.
In the most holy place, the holy of holies
Position: for God's presence to dwell on.
The place where atonement for the whole nation was made.
Psalm 46***Be still and know that I am God
The Christian reaching the presence of God - enabled by the Holy Spirit - words are and become inadequate.
The place where Psalm 91 becomes true.
The book gives a complete description, with illustrations, of the wonderful previewing of the plan God had for us in Christ Jesus.
The symbolic meanings of furniture and fittings in the Tabernacle Temple are looked at in considerable detail. Accurate graphic pictures are also provided.
Book 8 covers the detail on how the Tabernacle and the Temple are equivalent with each other, and introduces the idea that we ourselves reflect the qualities found in the Tabernacle &Temple in symbolic form. We can thus, once we understand how everything fits together, begin to live these qualities.

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3 April
Doug Vermeulen
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