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Sam Cooper was a rugged southern gentleman from Tupelo, Mississippi. After Sams father died suddenly, Sam and his wife Necee, inherited, the struggling hand-me-down farm. To keep the family farm from bankruptcy, along with his personal finances, Sam went to the North Slope and began working in a remote Inupiat village, as an engineer. Ten years later, he found himself still working in the Eskimo villages and away from a wife, who had begun to feel the sting of loneliness too deep, and was becoming resentful. After a year of working on the Slope and living in the construction camps, Sam developed a double life and personality. Every year Sam promised Necee he would come home and leave the Alaska life behind, never making good on his promises, until it was a little too late. After an encounter with a beautiful Athabascan native girl named Layla, Sams life changed forever.

Sam came to Alaska by invitation from his friend, Matt Healey. Matt was a young looking, sixty-year old Project Manager from Miami, Florida, who was married to Amy, a woman he never wanted to marry and had resented all their married life. After thirty-nine years of marriage, Matts secret life on the Slope began to unravel, with plenty of help from the psychotic office manager, Delaney Delingfield, and the only woman Matt ever loved, McKenna Hayes.

Delaney Delingfield was trouble with a capital T. Delaney slept with the upper crust of Gold Coast Oil and Gas, and used sexual blackmail to keep her job on the North Slope, where she made plenty of money to keep up her mischievous lifestyle, and evil games. Delaney had no self-esteem, no morals, and no conscience. She made the life of the people she worked with hell. During her first night at Camp Kinsey, in Kaktovik, Delaney met an attractive, racist Eskimo, by the name of Grey Antooguk. Together, their plans and schemes revealed many of the secrets the employees had in the village and in their personal lives.

Grey Antooguk was a black, evil cloud over the village of Kaktovik. When Reed Shaw arrived with her husband Colton, the assistant Project Manager from Texas, Grey lost his heart and his mind. Reed was the only white person that Grey Antooguk ever wanted to befriend, and demanded to have. With Delaneys help and spying eyes, together they cooked up a plan for the Eskimo outlaw to have the white woman with hair the color of the sunset.

Colton Shaw was the only man on the job that remotely appeared to have any moral character. He brought his wife on all the jobs and was allowed this favor because of his work expertise. Colton made plans for the Kaktovik job to be his last, so he and his wife could have a normal life back in Texas. One night in the village changed these plans forever.

Brice Garrett, with his good looks and great smile, played the North Slope adultery field with Amelia Brighton, the new cook at Camp Kinsey, and Lauren Beckett, the Italian payroll clerk. After Brices unfaithful wife Natalie, who lived in Seattle, found out that her husband was a little more than just involved with Amelia, Delaney and a jealous Lauren crushed the two with a malicious hand.

Amelia Brighton was a beautiful, petite blonde, who was hired as the new cook at Camp Kinsey. Amelia, with her good looks, belonged anywhere but the "construction adult playground." After a horrific sexual injustice was done to Amelia, Brice became her best friend and lover in camp. It looked like he was going to become her husband until Delaney Delingfield got involved, and changed three peoples lives for the worst.

Mark Jones, known as Nevada by his Slope friends and his Saturday night poker buddies, had his fair share of mishaps on the job and in his personal life. Gambling away thousands of dollars in weekly poker games, and cruising pornography websites on the company dollar, Nevada finally came to terms with his addictions in a way no one ever

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