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Life is too short for compromise …

When Maggie, Fran and Rose met in their youth, they had dreams and ambitions. Forty years later, the three friends are turning sixty, each of them restless and disenchanted with their lives.

Fran works in a second-hand bookshop. Her lover, one of a long line of disappointing men, is drifting away and her future is uncertain.

Maggie married into a volatile family. Her beautiful, indulged twin daughters are causing havoc and her elderly mother-in-law has moved in and is taking charge.

Rose has been an off-sider for her hopelessly vague but academically brilliant husband and their two sons. Time is running out to find and fulfil her own ambitions.

In an attempt to recapture the sense of freedom and purpose they once possessed, they decide to retrace the steps of their 1978 backpacking trip through Europe and set off on an odyssey that will test their friendship, challenge their beliefs and redefine the third age of their lives.

'This is a blast of a book…These women are interesting! Their wit, and the author’s, led to several laugh out loud moments. They’re not old fogeys but they do have to make some serious decisions about how they want their lives to be; about what is and is not acceptable to them now they have faced the fact their lives didn’t pan out as gloriously as their young selves expected. This is feminism in action and no one’s saying it’s easy. Absolutely riveting. Hugely enjoyable.’ Snapdragon

Fiction & Literature
1 May
Penguin Random House Australia
Penguin Random House Australia Pty Ltd

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