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Bondage. Gay Sex. The Naughty Rope Games of Darkness. Do You Trust Me?

Could You Trust Any Man Enough to Fully Devote Yourself as His Slave? What If You Learned from Childhood You Couldn’t Trust Anyone?

Leo was a young, powerful, and very sexy executive at a top-notch financial firm in the city. An ambitious, muscular, 25-year-old stud, he was destined for greatness. Against all odds, Leo was on the fast track to amazing success, sure to become the youngest CEO the company had ever known. Nothing could stop him.

Except one thing. Leo had a major problem.

Unspeakable Cruelty and Leo’s Incapacity to Forgive

After years of emotional abuse as a teenager, Leo could not forgive his family. His father and brother had degraded him to such a point that he made it his sole purpose in life to show them he was more than worthy of their love. But even after he achieved that success, the anger still festered deep within him.

Leo knew he had to find a way to get past his father’s and brother’s abuse, but he had no idea how to do it. Late one night after discussing his problems with his best friend, she gave him a powerful piece of advice that would forever change his life.

A Retreat Like No Other

“I think I need therapy,” Leo said.

“That’s not what you need,” Angela responded.

She then pulled out and handed Leo a mysterious, crumpled piece of paper containing only a name and telephone number. That name was the man who would soon become Leo’s master, teacher, savior. Frank, a professional gay dom, would soon teach Leo the important, and sometimes terrifying, lessons of trust and love.

Through hard work, affection, bondage, and gay sex, Leo would quickly learn the art of fully devoting himself to the needs of his master, and he would come to realize that not everyone wanted to hurt him.

Frank taught Leo the finer skills of sex play, how to give and receive pleasure, how to take the whip under the sun as he toiled, and how to obey a master’s every command without question. And while Leo went to live with Frank in his mansion in the hills for a few months, he was starting to fall in love with his new life and his new master. All was well, until…

The Other Slave Returns

Frank soon informs Leo that Josh, the other slave, will soon be returning from a visit to his family. When Josh enters the picture, the bondage, punishment, and sexual dynamics take a powerful twist that leaves Leo in the throes of jealousy like he has never known. Now Leo is more confused than he has ever been in his entire life.

The young executive-turned-slave has learned to please his master in the bedroom, but despite his initial jealousy, he soon finds himself captivated with his fellow sub. Leo and Josh become fast friends and lovers, and Leo finds love – and a true family environment like he has never known – for the first time in his life.

But there is one final test Leo must pass in order to fully heal from his childhood of emotional abuse – a test that might break him at his core. His master will demand something of him that, if he refuses, will leave him distraught for the rest of his life. If he accepts, however, he will heal.

Which will he choose? Can Leo learn to trust others after such a difficult beginning in life? Can he heal? And can he learn to fully give and receive love?

Find out in Slaveboy!

Fiction & Literature
23 January
Jay Otto
Smashwords, Inc.

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