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Are you obsessed about your baby's sleep?

Do you feel 'weak' because you can't leave him to cry himself to sleep?

Do you need to relax more and enjoy being a parent?

Parenting expert Pinky McKay offers a natural, intuitive approach to solving your little one's sleep problems and gives practical tips on how to:

- understand your baby's tired cues
- create a safe sleeping environment
- gently settle babies and toddlers
- feed infants to encourage sleep

Sleeping Like A Baby is a must read for stress-free, guilt-free parenting and offers down-to-earth and heartening advice on helping babies (and their parents!) to sleep better.

3 July
Penguin Random House Australia
Penguin Random House Australia Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Caz In Aus ,

Sigh of relief

This book helped me calm down about how my son was sleeping, or not sleeping as the case is. Can see the way forward in helping my bub to sleep better in a loving way.

JessieGravvy ,

Completely Pointless

The information is great but it offers no practical methods of assisting your baby to sleep better. The book essentially says your baby will sleep how it wants and you can't change it. When it wants to sleep through, it will. Which to a point is true but I purchased this booking looking for gentle methods to assist and encourage my baby to sleep long and well and it came up with zilch. If you're a sleep deprived parent like I was, don't waste your money to read that your baby will only sleep through the night when it wants to.

Bliam15 ,

For breastfeeding only

This book might be ok if your breastfeeding... Unfortunately I bottle feed my little one who is now 7 months and so found this book useless. It focuses mainly on breastfeeding and how wonderful it is, which is great except not all bubs can be breastfed!! Whilst it touches on bottle feeding I found its view quite condescending. So I found this very frustrating and a waste of time to read. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone. Raising a child is hard enough without this books view of perfection.

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