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Small Book with a Big Idea is a thought-provoking, compelling book that engages the reader to look at the world in a new way. It is inspiring, enlightening and witty. The 5 minute training is designed to empower you to live, learn and work in a world of differences. It will contribute to your personal growth. You may succeed in ways you never imagined. If you want to continue to grow as a person and be successful in this global marketplace it offers you some timeless and universal truths from new perspectives.

There are powerful quotes from Mother Teresa and Albert Einstein giving the reader a deeper understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion and how an individual can engage effectively with diversity that meets us ever where we go. Some comments from reader's. "Life changing concept. Dynamite." Dr. Phillips. "Enlightening and Inspiring." L. Bowen, Manager Prudential Financial. "Very Profound," B.Reeves, Director of Multicultural Affairs, McHendree University. "It was great," E. Hughes, VP Student Services, Pike Peaks Community College. “I loved your book! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The entire package is strong. A very well-crafted concept, Sara. Loads of great information and ideas broken down into bite-size pieces. Well done, Sara. Bravo!” R. Carrillo, Regional Sales Manager.

This book offers fresh innovative ideas and quotes that are simple yet far reaching. If you have a very busy life and want a book that offers depth and some very practical simple ways of empowering yourself than this book is for you. People from the educational community to corporate America to health care to city and state agencies to the military have found the book compelling, profound and enlightening. This book will be one of the smallest and best investment you will make for yourself. You may even be inspired to buy it as a gift. Knowledge is meant to be shared. That is what I've done in writing the book and sharing the knowledge with you to pass along.

Body, Mind & Spirit
3 January
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