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Africa is called the poorest continent in the world because the majority of her people lack basic human needs. The irony is that the continent is blessed with a vast number of valuable resources which could help it to be self-sufficient. Lack of knowledge, among other contributing factors, appears to be robbing the people of their dignity along with the belief that they do not deserve better; poverty is accepted as a norm and so it is.

The tragedy is that a great number of innocent lives are brought into this unhealthy environment without much thought of how they will be provided for, only for them to repeat the same cycle. People need to know the real status quo of Africa in order to find solutions; good education and global interactions being key in this regard. Africa’s people must realise that it will cost them dearly, individually, to provide the skills necessary for their children to get out of the rut. Time, guidance, attention, love, and money, lots of money are the required ingredients. Hence the importance of consciously planning before married couples can decide on the number of children they think they can really provide for.

Quality education and good social backgrounds can help Africa’s younger generations to learn of their value and self-worth so that they can realise the future is truly in their own hands. This would help combat the rate of unwanted pregnancies out of wedlock and other social problems.

This book is intended to make young people and parents aware that there is more to life than enduring hardships and that it comes by choice; as the saying goes, “it’s not one’s fault that they are born in poverty but it is if they die poor”.

Body, Mind & Spirit
28 September
Grace Mamahlatsi Akhosi
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