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Who inspires you?

What inspires you?

Are you inspired right now?

Would you like some more?

No matter what you are reading, studying or practicing, if it doesn’t inspire you to live a fulfilling life, then it isn’t working. The SmartAss Buddha is a cheeky, no BS look at self-improvement and how to easily integrate inspiration into your life. It will help clarify what inspires you and how you can create and solidify networks of inspirational support to make it easy to magnify the fun, positivity, love and joy in your life.

Inspiration can be accessed by anyone at any time, one just has to know what to look for, how to find it and how to hook into it. When you find your inspiration, it is like getting a glimpse of whom you really are, and loving what you see. As you deepen this source of cosmic encouragement within you will broaden your mind and find yourself impregnated with possibility.

When you are inspired, people want to help and support you.  As you embrace and nurture your inspiration you will tap into an incredible energy source and life seems to unfold in the most fascinating fashion. When you are inspired you can literally move mountains and naturally inspire those around you.

When you focus your time, energy and money in a wise, effective manner on what really makes you feel fully alive it will create all kinds of good times to keep you on track and help you avoid any unnecessary BS in your life.

The SmartAss Buddha is about filling your life with joy by connecting to inspirational thoughts, actions and people. The SmartAss Buddha philosophy will reaffirm what you already know and kick you in the ass in the most loving way possible to empower you to get inspired and pass it on! 

Body, Mind & Spirit
4 September
Step It Up Publishing
Ted Cox

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