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Smarter Faster Better: The Transformative Power of Real Productivity - A Comprehensive Summary

After Charles Duhigg completed his book The Power of Habit, he developed an interest in the science of productivity, after many things happened in his life, and because his book was a huge success he started receiving many professional opportunities. Because of all these things, he started gaining responsibilities from various aspects and soon, handling all those responsibilities became difficult for him, time was getting less and the work load was expanding, thus his productivity was decreasing and he wasn’t able to perform work tasks properly, and due to of all these things he wasn’t getting time for himself and for his personal life.

Soon, he went to meet Mr. Atul Gawande for help, Atul Gawande was a surgeon, and he is also a New York staff writer, he is a bestselling author and also a Harvard professor and not only this, he was also an advisor to the World Health Organization, he was a very busy doctor but still he was very productive regarding his work, he was very good in terms of utilizing time properly, even after being so busy with his work and with the different posts, still, he could spend time with his family, go to rock concerts with his children and plan mini vacations with his wife, he managed everything properly and was enjoying his success and life. After knowing all these things, Duhigg learned that some people have skills they have learned to remain more productive compared to others. After this realization he started doing research, he interviewed many productive people, including airline pilots, military generals, cognitive scientists and many more, from such people he learned a lot and with this learning and he came to know 8 key areas by focusing on them. He was able to increase his productivity, and by focusing on those 8 areas anyone can increase their productivity level by becoming a smarter, faster and better person.

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2 July
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