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This book relays the message that, indeed, the nonliving things that we call crystals, rocks, gemstones, precious or semiprecious are actually living things! The Crystal people of the Crystal kingdom say that the “human beings are the most beautiful of God’s creations, if only they knew this.”

Yes, indeed, fellow human beings. The nature kingdom, of which one of them is the Crystal people of the Crystal kingdom, do have feelings! They vibrate and are alive! We can call them the Crystal people of the Crystal kingdom in the nature kingdom. Crystals may be static and just seems to be sitting and not moving in their places of habitations, but they know what we do. They keep a record of it. There is no hiding place. They know our thoughts, words, and actions, recording all of us, humans, in crystal disks on film! And they are in posterity forever.

We better watch out, and we better be good to one another now because everything is recorded. There’s no turning back. If we know this wisdom or knowledge, all humans will be good to one another. Now you know from this precious book. The Crystal people of the Crystal kingdom watch us and feel us from the bottom of the ocean to the top of the universe. Even Jesus had mentioned in the scriptures that the rocks will talk if the children did not greet him in Jerusalem in the words “Hosanna, to the son of David.”
It is also through mental telepathy or mind communications and visions that Jesus and other ascended masters communicate to human beings and to other objects. And it is in these mind communications as well that Crystals commune to the God source or over creator of all creators and to all forms of living beings like us.

Crystals would like to talk to us. Let us talk to them. We may be as one of them in our past, present, or future incarnations. We have been in many forms of existence in different lives, time, and space. And will be, believe it or not! Our minds are alive even though our eyes are closed in sleep. According to Jesus, we can see in our dreams.

It is high time that we realize that we are surrounded with every living beings you can imagine. God source is an intelligent designer. Whether one is an atheist or not, Crystal people honors the God-power within all living beings—be they humans, fellow crystals, rocks, gemstones, precious or semiprecious, trees, cetaceans such as the dolphins, whales, and all sea creatures or in the oceans, the elementals or beings of nature, such as the elves, dwarfs, hobbits, leprechauns, Peter Pan, Wendy, and the like.
Each living being has different forms, shapes, sizes, and looks. All of us—humans and all living beings, such as the Crystal people of the Crystal kingdom on planet Earth and in the heavenly galaxies of multitudinal Crystal stars—are all related to one another. We are all brothers and sisters.

Discover inside this delightful book what Crystals really are and how the Crystal kingdom or Crystal people help and love us, humanity of people, very much.

Religion & Spirituality
27 March
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