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Publisher Description

This is your wake-up call. Are you ready to remember?

A necessary - and timely - tale of how amazingly powerful we humans truly are once we dare to remember our awesomeness.

With down to earth-honesty, irony, wit and love, the author openly describes the journey of remembrance, self-exploration and transformation he embarks upon when he finally has the courage to break with societal norms and expectations.

From being a happy young lawyer with a promising career he is, to his surprise, starting to experience typical signs of being burnt out. Anxiety attacks haunt him, and he is broken down to the point where he finds himself crying for no apparent reason. Depression wraps itself around him and going to work suddenly feels like committing suicide.

When he finally is desperate enough to resign, sell his belongings and move out into a small cabin in the wild, he understands that the anxiety attacks was his wake-up call - a cue to act - and that his resignation was the passing of some sort of challenge. Alone in the wild the adventure truly begins, as he gains access to what is best described as a massive backup of his true nature, telling him what he truly is, where he comes from and what he came here to do. He is told that he is one of many "sleeper agents" that infiltrated some sort of cage enclosing Earth, and that the global increase in anxiety and depression in these times simply is a sign that the time has now come for us to access the backup and remember.

Your backup is awaiting your command. Are you ready to restore?

Fiction & Literature
21 June
Sven-Alex Trygg
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