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Many people, whether South African or of an
international readership, whether black or white,
will be interested in reading this true-life tale of the
often forgotten rural farm workers who were probably
the worst off during the apartheid era. The shocking
reality of life for these people is almost unbelievable
today; that such barbarism was allowed and accepted
as “normal” is unfathomable. The unsung plight of
farm labourers who were treated like slaves is one
that should be more widely told.
This book seems to have a bit of everything and will
appeal to a wide audience with its clever marriage
of good storytelling with history, culture, adventure, bravery, romance and of
course inspiration. The importance of education also comes through and the
clear message that it does not matter where you come from or who you are, if
you are determined and driven and persevere, you can achieve great things.
The book takes one on a journey and it will elicit many emotions from readers
who will be appalled, delighted, saddened, uplifted and inspired by its words.
* * * * *
“I found this multi-faceted account of South Africa during the years of apartheid
and up to the present time quite absorbing. As the author pointed out, it does
indeed cover the historic events of the past, from cultural and religious beliefs
to ‘ubuntu’ and inspirational speeches. And yes, indeed, it is an incredible tale
of almost four turbulent decades.
This book not only provides an incisive and accurate commentary on the social
and political landscape of South Africa and neighbouring countries during
the turbulent periods of transition; it also tells us about the lives and loves
and moral dilemmas of ordinary men and women, some of whom became
extraordinary because of their actions.
The story unfolds through the eyes of a diverse cast of characters, who stride
through the pages and take you along with them, insisting that you listen to
their stories. Apart from the dashing hero and beautiful maidens, there are
freedom fighters, oppressed farmworkers, villains and saviours, young and
old family members, friends and foe, and there are all the great leaders of the
times. The author is a natural storyteller, and has a gift for making characters
come to life, making them flesh and blood. As a result, one forges strong links
with the various men and women who represent such a broad spectrum of
human strengths and frailties.”
Gail Kruger, Editor, Reach Publishers

Body, Mind & Spirit
10 November
Nelson Makhubane Tshabalala
Smashwords, Inc.

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