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SOA with REST is the first comprehensive tutorial and reference for designing and building RESTful services as part of service-oriented solutions and in conjunction with service-oriented architecture (SOA). This book demonstrates that REST is not only a suitable medium for building truly service-oriented solutions, but also that the service-oriented architectural model is a necessary foundation for REST technology architectures to realize their full business potential.

The authors provide thorough mapping of REST constraints and architectural goals with service-orientation principles and SOA characteristics. Using real-world examples, they show how to leverage REST’s simplicity, flexibility, and low overhead without compromising the power or manageability of service-oriented solutions and architectures.

This book will be valuable to IT architects, developers, and any practitioner seeking to use SOA and REST together.

Topic Areas Distributed solution design with HTTP and RESTREST-based service composition architecturesREST service modeling and a service-oriented analysis process for REST service candidatesTechnical service contract notation for REST services based on a uniform contractDesigning REST service contracts with service-orientationUnderstanding REST constraints in relation to service-orientation principlesUsing hypermedia and dynamic binding within SOA and service compositionsCreating complex HTTP-based methods for enterprise solutionsAdvanced design techniques, including composition deepening, runtime logic deferral, and dynamic binding with common propertiesCross-service transactions and event-driven messaging with RESTAddressing enterprise solution concerns in relation to REST-based state managementApplying SOA design patterns to REST-based solutionsDistinguishing REST and SOA service concepts and terminologyDesigning REST architectures with SOAVersioning REST services and uniform contractsFundamental REST, SOA, and service-orientation concepts and terminologyREST constraints, REST architectural goals, and propertiesSeven new REST-inspired design patternsDefining common goals of REST and SOA

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14 August
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