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As a grieving father, R. Glenn Kelly exposes the inner thoughts of a man who has lost the most precious of gifts; his child. Written with the powerful and honest emotion that only someone who has walked in his shoes can truly understand, R. Glenn provides encouragement, insight, and hope to men who are “in the club no one wants to belong to.” He allows us to walk with him on his path from hidden despair to emerging hope as he discovers his way towards living a life that is fulfilling and honoring to the legacy left behind by his son. Although intended for grieving fathers, Sometimes I Cry in the Shower benefits anyone who has lost a loved one, or loves someone who has. With compassion, humor, and sincerity, Mr. Kelly shows us that love never dies and hope is truly eternal.
“Sometimes I Cry In The Shower” was an inspiration that came after I recognized the legacy of my late son, Jonathan Taylor Kelly, was for me to love unconditionally, live a full and productive life, and to give back to others in any way I could. I have received so many wonderful and encouraging reviews of the book and am joyously surprised that although targeted towards other grieving fathers, there are mothers, daughters and other grieving women who are finding my writings very helpful as well.

I have read wonderful reviews that spoke of the way the reader laughed and cried and then cried and laughed some more, as I went through the events of the life of my child, and of myself. My writings, according to the reviewers, captured their own emotions and made them feel like my feelings were theirs. Yet, “Sometimes I Cry In The Shower” is not an autobiography, nor the story of my dear, late child’s life. Instead, I was forced to go looking for why I was the way I was, and as I reference much of the discoveries I found in published research, I related it to our lives before and after my journey towards healing began.

Body, Mind & Spirit
13 October
R. Glenn Kelly
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