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Songs from the Well: A Memoir of Love and Grief, from award-winning poet and author Adam Byrn Tritt, is the remarkable chronicle of his love for his wife, Lee; his sudden and heartbreaking loss of her to brain cancer; and his struggle to find a way back to life. It is based on essays, blog postings, and poetry that he created throughout his relationship with her and in the time since her passing. His hope is that his experiences will help people who are grappling with a loved one’s serious illness or loss, and will give their friends and families insight into what they’re going through.

The publisher is giving 100% of the book’s profits to the Cancer Care Centers Foundation (CCCF), which provides direct assistance to cancer patients and their families.

“You would think this book would be dedicated to Lee,” the author writes. “To her life. Her bravery. Her love of those she was leaving. But it isn’t. It is dedicated to those left behind. Parents who outlive their children. Spouses who promised forever, and would have kept that promise with a glad heart, but found that forever ended much too soon. For those who fell and got back up again. And those who fell and could not get up. Could not come out of the well. For them, too. But let’s give her the last word anyway: ‘I would do it all over again. Remember, no one gets left behind. Now, go and be happy.’ I’m trying.”

Adam Byrn Tritt, MEd, CH, LMT, is an internationally bestselling author, a poet, essayist, screenwriter, teacher, social activist, and humorist. In addition to Songs from the Well, Tritt is the author of The Phoenix and the Dragon: Poems of the Alchemical Transformation, a collection of his poetry; Bud the Spud, a humorous yet instructive children’s book; and several works of nonfiction, including the bestselling Tellstones: Runic Divination in the Welsh Tradition.

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