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This powerful book is written for managers, young and old, who want to review their skills on managing people and getting results through other people. The book is written in the style of The One Minute Manager. It takes very little time to find the areas of your personal interest quickly. Some readers have become so engrossed with the content that they have completed this book non-stop on one round-trip airplane ride.

This publication is not meant to be an all- encompassing volume of everything a person needs to know to be a successful manager. Rather, the book is a personal accounting of general principals that work based on decades of experience with successful careers and is full of world-wide lessons learned that can be useful to someone just starting out in their management career.

The content is direct and to-the-point and helps managers learn what's important in their jobs without having to spend 20-30 years doing it all. This offering shortens the managers learning time-lines while "honing" their people management skills through reading and practicing practical lessons! Some readers have said: "Where was this book when I was just beginning my management career?"

Reader's Comments

"I find the book to be very useful for anyone interested in the views of an experienced executive having moved
through all the ranks during his active job life. It is short and to the point and as soon as I sat down to read it -
I could not stop until I finished it."

Kjell S. Andersson,

Chairman of the Board, Wildbats Networks Inc.

former VP & General Manager of Ericsson Radio Systems, AB - Sweden

"Rick Godfrey consistently puts into practice a positive leadership philosophy, winning outlook, and
effective coaching style to achieve organizational goals while developing new leaders. This book provides
the aspiring leader with the essence of what it takes to succeed in his or her journey."

Jeff Calkins

President, MRI Consulting Co.

"Chapter 19 could become Poor Richard's Almanac for Managers."

Sam Carlson

President Electronic Processor Group, retired, Kaiser Aerospace

"You have a knack of taking things that many people consider a science and convey it into
practical living terms - common sense."

Ken Fujino

Division President, retired, TransAmerica Insurance

"If I was still teaching, this book would be mandatory reading for all my graduate school classes."

Roy Herman

Faculty Member, Graduate School of Business, University of Wisconsin

"This is a solid, thought-provoking piece that delivers real value for any 'aspiring', 'new' and
'not-so-new' managers. I like your straight-forward writing style."

Leonard Hirchfeld

Financial management

Rick's book is an excellent "toolbox" for the aspiring manager. It also provides a superb reference for the established manager."

Terry Samphire

Senior Manager, retired, Boeing Corporation

"My compliments on a very well-written, compact book of excellent advice and action items - for those
who are managers, want to be managers or even those who chose to be 'individual contributors' in
organizations today."

Tom Whisman


Business & Personal Finance
28 December
Trafford Publishing

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