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Learn how to uncover what you really want from your life and do exercises that will enable you to create balance within it. Find out ways that will allow you to lose the friends that are dragging you down and attract new and exciting people into your life. Learn how to love yourself and know that you a wonderful person whom deserves a fabulous full and fun life. Problem solve with ease and gain the confidence to make all the changes you deeply desire. This book is an amalgamation of the wisdom Claire learnt from experts across the globe, it gives us a sneaky peeks of her own private diary, pitch perfect quotes from a spectrum of 21st century gurus spanning Mahatma Gandhi to P Diddy and a 21 day plan so that we can create change for ourselves just like she did. The author has put the truth out there for all to see, it is brave and genius. What she has to say will change the ok life you thought you had to one that makes you feel like a rock star. We love this book as it introduces spiritual and practical techniques in a exciting, funny and real life way. Claire is relatable, normal and comes across as a good friend. 

What readers are saying:

'i just thought id let you know your book is amazing. my house mate got me to read it last night and its already changed my life. I've never managed to read a book before in my life but yours is different. I've been trying to deal with this for years but honestly your book feels like the first step towards freedom. thank you so much :) xx'

A message from the author: "With over 30 exercises, and its Benchmark Chronicle 21 day plan this book is made to make you feel better. It holds all the details of how I sorted out my crap life, the exercises I used to discover myself and some real diary entries from when I felt messed up. Today I feel amazing; I have absolutely no crap in my life. This new strength enabled me to be open and honest with my experiences and these principles are now shared with you in this book so that if you are willing you can sort out your life too." - Claire Anstey

With a new fresh attitude and a relatable writing style this book is a huge hit with students, the young and those that know that they are worth a whole lot more than they are getting right now.

Body, Mind & Spirit
15 June
Vintage Wisdom Ltd
Claire Anstey

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