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Reader discretion advised: this publication may not be for the closed-minded. Experience; Murder, Rape, Child Abduction, Death of loved ones, Drug Manufacturing, Love, and kindness. A life of extremes, the question, Will God shine forth brilliantly and give eternal life, or will Satan take eternal life from you? A God of your understanding, no God, Agnostic, Atheists? Secular humanists? Divine God? Dancing with the devil, to the depths of hell. An angel is on one side of your shoulder; a demon rat monster is on the other side; It is the one you feel the most that will prepare your destiny. Beyond the dimension of a miraculous path in the wrinkle of Gods gracious love for the time, of his creation. Extreme Lifetime of my Roadmap through Hell to a Destination my Lord has prepared for me. Journey with my soul to heaven, enjoy the ride as we will see many trials and tribulations. We have a cross to carry, conformed to fit each of us. The Spirit is working through me and will help you through every emotion and feeling that life has to offer. You will cry, laugh, be happy, sad, feel pain, respect, joy, gratefulness, appreciation, delight, care, sorrow, experience the miracles and the healing. One moment of self-negativity, the dark, resentment, regret, envy, jealousy, selfishness, anger, depression and worry, a time of not caring for another. Taking without giving, is a moment of happiness, which will never come back. To play with Lucifer the devil, who does not change, inevitably the evil will change you. God does not consider your life; God considers how you treat others. I realize this may be difficult, your curiosity to continue with me through my life will bring a love that has only been a dream.

Biographies & Memoirs
19 August
Balboa Press

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