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The Jamaican rasta elder shares wisdom and experience about life. His mighty positive touching words caring about our little planet, ending sufferation, looking forward to unite us, who we want good, not war, sharing, not greed, harmony, not distress.
"Overlook what is really happening to our world.
Pollution, destruction, sufferation.
Once there is hatred there will be never a better world.
Greed, exploiting each other causes the confusion.
Contaminates the brain of the young with promises.
What people need?
A house full with furniture? And when they`re out of fashion you kill yourself to get new ones? Don’t be blind.
And so much arms in the world and they´re not afraid to use them.
More and more people have no money.
And when the new poor see them, who live poor since long and who cope with it and who still smile…
There are so much things we undergo long time horrible.
But if you want to survive you have to leave your fingers from angry fight.
You hum ”Mama song”.
“Hmmhmm….” - nobody knows what it means.
And there are so much things what can be done positively.
Ask yourself.
Only The Creator knows how to repair, and he will tell if you listen.
then we will have a better world.

Hylton W.Brown was born in the hills of Jamaica in the 50ties and grew up in Montego Bay, beloved by everybody who gets to know him a bit more. Beloved for his wisdom, his compassion, his generousity and for his musical talent.
From early his mind was on expressing his knowledge by singing it in a song. And as a higher level he added the whistling.

In a time like this where the world drifts to a turning point, the voice of a man like him might make the difference. Who can calm down the storms? Remember:
A hungry man is an angry man. Who the suffering people are willing to listen to, if not a man who knows what he is talking about, a man who shares the experience of sufferation, a man who can talk their language?
And at the same time he did gather knowledge in babylon, studied the system and the human psychology. He does know the language of the socalled educated people too. And among them he found good and bad.
So the unification will have to cross all borders, the borders of religion, of race, of countries and the borders of material background.
People, all you who want to heal the world, listen to the wise peaceful thoughts he is sharing. Faith can move mountains, and together we will.

Body, Mind & Spirit
6 September
Hylton W. Brown
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