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Marcus set the ship down in the docking bay. Above them the automated hanger doors swung closed. Kerry popped up, unable to remain in her seat when they were about to start the hunt. What a hunt too.

"I can't believe they sent us on this mission," she said to Marcus. He hummed in bland agreement, his back to her as he ran through the post-flight shutdown. Since they'd returned to the Corporate ship with Kipruto's remains, Marcus had gone ultra-strong silent type on her. Kerry didn't blame him. It was weird and sad, and weird. She still wasn't sure how to feel about Kipruto's death. Of course, Corporate had them sign dozens of non-disclosure agreements. She wasn't even allowed to contact Kipruto's family to explain. They were on lock-down regarding the events of Kipruto Kemei's death.

All of this tension with Marcus, the missions, Kipruto, and the Elasians were piling up inside and Kerry just couldn't stay still anymore. She wanted to get out there, blow off some steam, and hunt some rabbit.

Dangerous, ravenous, space rabbit.

Kerry giggled. She started going through their weapons locker, setting aside net guns, knives, and the like.



"Are we allowed to use the plasma guns?" Kerry asked, posing impishly with the gun cocked at her waist when her lead finally turned around.

"It's too much," was all he said before returning to the control panels.

Kerry made a face at his back, but put the unwanted weapons in the locker. A few minutes later, Marcus joined her in packing up their gear. She smiled as he double checked her gear before checking his own. Getting back to work like this felt normal, more normal than she had for a few weeks.

Fiction & Literature
26 November
Chandler Dee
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