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Travelling to Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, or any of the 21 countries where Spanish is spoken? Start your journey before you leave with this ebook saturated with audio. 

Spanish in a Suitcase is a short course you can do on your own, as well as a phrasebook to take with you. Its five chapters provide essentials for travel situations with clear explanations and audio examples, taking you to an elementary level of Spanish – at your own pace, confidently, and in a fun way.

Almost every word, phrase and dialogue in Spanish is accompanied by audio recordings of a variety of personalities and accents. Pronunciation starts off clearly and slowly, and gradually gets faster over the course of the five chapters. Your confidence will grow with repeated listening and practice.

Each lesson revolves around a broad topic and begins with new words, followed by phrases, then dialogues, thus building your Spanish. You are encouraged to utilise the interactivity of the iPad, for example, regular suggestions to make your own notes for new words encountered on your trip. These searchable notes will give your ebook a personal touch, making it a brilliant addition to your pack or suitcase for when you really need it. 

This ebook sits in the space between the study you hope to do pre-travel, and the phrasebook that you take on the road. It is great for any beginning student, whether you’re enrolled in a course, or making the Spanish language journey on your own. 

Features include:

- 240 audio recordings (68 minutes) of all Spanish in the book, with English translations. 

- a variety of accents - from Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, plus some non-native speakers. 

- a practical approach for eyes, ears and voice (reading, listening, speaking). 

- clear layout with simple conventions for easy orientation. 

- Spanish for anywhere! Standard Spanish for understanding and use wherever you are. 

- start learning quickly! A minimum of cumbersome explanations about pronunciation, variants, wheres, whys and hows. 

- native-speed conversations at the end, for practice. 

- transcriptions of conversations and dialogues. 

- exercises with answers. 

- optional grammatical explanations at the end of each chapter. 

- interactivity: make personal notes when you travel, create bookmarks, highlight words or phrases. 

- pack it in, speak it out, on your way!

10 May
RoundTrip eBooks
Toni Edwards & Ana Ruiz Gonzalez

Customer Reviews

Downunder100 ,

Spanish in a Suitcase

Fantastic - love the simple explanations that help to understand but don't overwhelm with detail. Especially impressed by the audio - better than being in a class! You can listen to everything you read, test yourself out loud before listening to answers, and there is a huge amount of audio material so you feel like you are actually making progress. Usually so hard to improve listening skills - have learnt several languages but always find it hard to find good ways to practise listening, and also to practise aloud what I want to say then check it. This is the perfect way to do that. Transcripts for all the listenings, so if you're a perfectionist, you can have a look afterwards at the full dialogue.

Actually also really great for grammar - can test yourself on genders, vocabulary, whole sentences, and then check answers using both audio and written corrections. And lastly, I also really love the sticky note feature! You can listen to the audio, and write notes about what you hear, or answer questions. This note then gets saved next to that little exercise, and when you come back to it, you can try again and edit the note, or delete it. This is really useful, as I like to write things while I'm practicing, but ideally I don't want pens and paper, just want to be on the iPad.

What I like about this App is the simplicity of the whole thing, the way it makes the process of learning a language feel so easy, and yet by the end of the book, you actually know a really decent amount of Spanish. I was left feeling really confident about the possibilities of actually using my Spanish!!

Highly recommend it.

Sarah Pavy
Language Teacher

Wakko88 ,

Loved it!

I just loved spanish in a suitcase and would recommend it to everyone!
I just got back from 3 week in Buenos Aires, and I have to say that this book was a huge help. I have never learnt a foreign language before and was worried that I would not be able to remember the words or understand what people were saying to me. this book is just so no-nonsense that you learn heaps of useful phrases and and are exposed to so many sounds. it does not have unecessary information and the explanations are really, really clear. I had a lot of fun ordering drinks in bars and telling my taxi-driver where to go (in spanish!) it has definitely inspired me to keep learning spanish, because I know that it is possible.

joegr8ter ,


I loved Spanish in a suitcase! I have always loved the spanish language and have always wanted to learn to speak it. This book is so great because it is SO clear. I have tried learning spanish before but I always found it very difficult and very abstract. This book has so many recordings and is set out in such an interactive way that you learn so much from the get go. Because of the pace and all the different voice recordings, I felt like I was really saying things and understanding things from the start. I also love how you can make your own notes for words that you like. I definitely personalised my copy!!!
If you want to get started on Spanish, then I totally recommend this book. es muy bueno!