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The second book Spanish Reader for Beginners-Elementary 2 takes basic Spanish Grammar Structures, such as Regular Verbs, Reflexive Verbs, Stem-change Verbs, and irregular verbs in the Past Tense, placing them in the context of scenarios that help you learn them as you enjoy reading short paragraphs fully translated from Spanish to English. You will find a Reading & Comprehension Exercise after each chapter. Moreover, in this second book I have introduced Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns, which at times can prove to be quite daunting to master unless provided with extensive practice once your teacher has introduced you to this subject. Although each paragraph in Spanish in this book includes a second paragraph in English, I prefer to encourage students to understand the differences and uses of certain Grammatical Structures and verbs through paragraphs providing examples and short exercises that trigger intuitive learning. However, because this is a Basic Spanish Reader, I have provided literal Spanish to English translation (too literal at times) for all paragraphs in order for the reader to comprehend sentence structure in Spanish, and thus acquiring greater understanding regarding the way we speak Spanish in Latin America.

We have intended to use four different colors to highlight the structures in the text; however, we are afraid that this feature will only be available in the print format.  

As you begin to learn Spanish as a Foreign Language, the various uses of the verbs Ser and Estar may seem like quite challenging task; nevertheless, through the unique teaching style of CostaRica SpanishOnline School, the learner is able to comprehend these structures in a natural manner. You will find yourself gladly leaving behind exhausting exercises and finding your own way of learning through our more creative approach to learning a foreign language. There is absolutely no need to rely on extensive drilling exercises.

You will find extended practice of Ser and Estar in the first book, Spanish Reader for Beginners-Elementary. We highly suggest, at the beginner level of this Spanish course, starting out with Spanish Reader for Beginners-Elementary, and Spanish Reader for Beginners Elementary 2 prior to purchasing Spanish Reader for Beginners.

I hope you find these short paragraphs, examples and exercises helpful.

Iris Acevedo A.



22 August
Iris Acevedo A.
Draft2Digital, LLC

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