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Ever wondered why you can't seem to complete your tasks and even constantly getting distracted? What turns out to be a minor distraction in the end will slowly add up to you not achieving your intended goals. 

I have made a clear outline for the reasoning and what you can do to be disciplined and adopt a new mindset. And all these could be achieved, without jeopardizing your relationship with your bosses, partners and parents. 

The end result?

*Able to dictate the life that you truly want to live... 

*Reaching towards the planned end goals and dreams... 

*With the sense of enrichment and fulfillment... 

How successful you want to be equals to how willing you are to change. In other words, overnight success is determined by YOU! Make no mistake... Some of the proposed mindset here is by no means easy to accept and might even make you feel uncomfortable. And that is precisely the point! How would you think some people became successful, or even became who they are TODAY? 

Whether you realize it or not, they all underwent enormous amounts of adversities and emerged victorious. And that's what "The Spartan Mind's" objective intends to do! To mildly replicate that process and prepare you to deal with real life situations. 

How long do you want to procrastinate and not taking actions? Every day that you sit idling means you are one day away from your goals. Did you know that the harder you work, the luckier you get? That applies to your mindset. How? If your mindset is not trained, every disturbance no matter how minor it is will become an obstacle to your progress. 

" The Spartan Mind" book is designed to help any individual to not only cope with life's adversities and challenges, but to conquer mental barriers, exceed goals and create breakthroughs. You will learn how  you can re-program your mind to be more positive and spartan like.

Table Of Contents 

Condition Your Mind 

Dealing With Your Inner Demons  

Your Unconscious Behavior 

Awaken Your Unconscious Behavior 

Reclaim The Empathy & Kindness Within You 

Show Your Human Side 

The Purpose Of Your Life 

Identify Your Purpose 

Eliminate The Negative Energy 

Key Elements to Decisiveness 

Don't Stop! Keep Going! 

Grow Beyond Your Limits 

You Are Unstoppable! 

Start Your Journey 

Body, Mind & Spirit
14 March
Manuel Braschi
Draft2Digital, LLC

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