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We have created a revolutionary way to help you learn to speak Chinese. Our incredible new method has literally cracked the code of learning Mandarin for English speakers, simply because our entire curriculum was written from an English speaker’s perspective. We believe this method will help you overcome the difficulties often experienced during the attempt at learning the Chinese language. 

Our state-of-the art program is well organized, complete and is written in a step-by-step format. You simply have to follow the instruction of each course and you will learn how to speak Mandarin Chinese easily and eventually fluently. 

About Melody Lu

Melody Lu is a certified elementary school teacher with multiple credentials in both California and Taiwan for teaching and for special education. Melody also possesses a Masters Degree in Montessori Education from Loyola University Maryland.

While pursuing further studies, working towards a degree in Certified Public Accounting, and a dream of opening her own Montessori School, Melody came into contact with a couple of other professionals who were both attempting to learning Mandarin Chinese at the time, but were having difficulty learning with their class materials. Melody saw an opportunity, and put together a 10-lesson course book and class plan using her teaching background.  She was successful at helping her new friends with an effective introduction to the Mandarin language and Chinese style and customs of speaking.

These friends were so impressed with the potential of her teaching method and encouraged her to create more materials and reach out to others who were struggling with traditional methods of learning Mandarin. Melody has built on the original book and lessons, and began teaching Mandarin courses for K-12 students, college level students, and even at local reputed corporations in San Diego.

Melody now has books for training professionals on travel, and those involved with retail sales, real estate, and even a cooking book and a book to help with restaurant ordering. In addition, Melody is now releasing a full set of 24 mini-books aimed at helping children learn the Mandarin language.

Her credentials include relationships with the following organizations: High Tech High International  School Qualcomm Inc., Cal State San Marcos, San Diego Community college District, San Diego Symphony, Men’s Legal Center, Honor Our Troops, and Gaston & Gaston.

“Speak Chinese in 10 Lessons"


(1) Learn basic introductory phrases.

(2) Introduce himself/herself when meeting friends. for the first time. 

(3) Make the affirmative sentences, negative sentences, and inquiring sentences.

(4) Count from one to one hundred million in Chinese.

(5) Express intentions and desires in Chinese.

(6) Make sentences regarding “when”, “who”,” where “and “what”.

(7) Speak Chinese when purchasing something.

(8) Ask and answer, “What time is it?”

(9) Ask and answer, “What day is today?”

Book Content

Lesson 1 : Greetings

Lesson 2 : Who are you?

Important Concept 1 : Polite Requests

Lesson 3 : What is this?

Lesson 4 : Whose is that?

Lesson 5 : Numbers

Lesson 6 : Sentence Structure : Tense in regards to time 

(We ate dinner in a restaurant yesterday.)

Important Concept 2 : Body parts and Senses

Lesson 7 : How much does it cost?

Lesson 8 : What time is it?

Lesson 9 : What day is today? (1)

Lesson 10 : What day is today? (2)

Important Concept 3 : Expressing your intention.

29 September
Smart Learning Publishing
Hsiang Miao Lu

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