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Have you had your throat drying?

Your stomach twitching?

Your knees shaking?

Your palms sweating?

Your heart pounding when talking to an audience? (or even just the thought of it)

Are you AFRAID to SPEAK?

Public speaking should not be feared. It helps you at any time! Do you lead group discussions? Do you give lectures or present reports to your community? Would you like to give a toast at your best friend's wedding? Being capable of speaking in front of people while effectively delivering your idea is very important. This will help you not only in your professional, but in your personal life as well.

Do not worry because you are not alone! Even experienced speakers can still feel nervous when speaking in front of a big crowd. The fear of public speaking is common but that does not mean that it's not a problem- the fear of public speaking can be a hindrance to your success.

Read on Dominic Wolff's productivity book Speak Up! and discover this one's made especially for you!

With years of experience in business, Dominic Wolff offers you ample resources that will surely boost your confidence in public speaking.

In his book, you will effortlessly learn:

The benefits of public speaking (4 things you clearly need)

The types of public speeches (which type for what)

How a public speech is prepared (unlocking your creativity)

How a public speech is successfully delivered (the step-by-step process)

How to inspire your audience (be effective and memorable)

...AND many more!

These are only a few of the things that you will learn from reading the book, wait until you read the whole thing! Speak Up! gives you what you ULTIMATELY need !

Body, Mind & Spirit
4 May
Organized Living Press
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