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Anger is an emotion that all of us are familiar with. Anger is something that all of us have felt. No human can claim that he or she has never felt angry. From a small child to the elderly, irrespective of gender, nationality, socio-economic status, race, creed or caste, anger is present in each and every one of us. What is anger? Anger is an emotion which is our reaction to something that we do not like—a threat, an insult, something out of place, things not going our way, people behaving badly, plans being thwarted, being forced to do what we don’t want to, or not being allowed to do what we wish to, our reaction to someone obstructing our plans, our goals, our reaction to life’s vagaries and miseries, our ultimate cry for help. While some of us are born and brought up in such a way that we have a long fuse, many others have a short fuse, a short temper and are ready to erupt at the drop of a hat. Anger makes life miserable for the one who is angry as well as for those around him. Anger, expressed badly or bottled up, can play havoc with our health. Public display of anger can result in bodily harm to the person who is angry and to others, while leaving the family scared, scarred and embarrassed. Anger destroys relationships, takes away jobs, makes one isolated, steals joy and happiness from our lives, and leaves people around living in fear. It also sets ups a cycle of anger—regret—guilt—frustration—sadness—more anger, in the person who is perpetually angry.

Anger management is very important, and involves knowing ourselves and the cause of our anger, developing awareness and a broad minded, philosophic, spiritual, forgiving and accepting approach to life. This book is a collection of 50 powerful quotes on anger, and it is hoped that the reader will gain a lot of insight by reading and introspecting on these quotes. Once the reader has finished reading this book, he will be in a better position to accept and acknowledge his own anger and to take positive steps in anger management.

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10 December
Dr. P. V. Vaidyanathan
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