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Compassion is said to be one of the highest spiritual qualities. It goes even beyond kindness, helping, love, forgiveness, sympathy and empathy. We can show sympathy, we can even empathize with many people's suffering and problems, we can even love and forgive them, but a truly evolved person is able to go beyond sympathy and empathy and show compassion.
Most of us live inside our minds. Many a times, we can recognize and realize that someone is dreaming, we know that he is in the deep grip of his illusions, we know he is far removed from reality, and yet, instead of getting angry at him or judging him, we take the path of deep understanding, show him compassion, and then proceed to slowly break his dreams and illusions, and awaken him. That is the true sign of an evolved person. But for that, we need to be ourselves aware---- that most of the problems that we have, are in reality, of our own generation. In reality, there are only occurrences and events. But it becomes a problem depending on how it affects us.
Some problems are real--pain, disease, poverty, physical injury, hunger, lack of shelter, death, deprivation---while many others are only problems because our mind thinks it is a problem. But we believe our mind and we think we have a very big problem on our hands. The solution to such problems is not to be found outside us, but inside us. Some insults us, disrespects us. People don't give us the appreciation we think we deserve. The right job is not forthcoming. We are bored. Life seems to be purposeless. There is frustration. A close friend leaves us. We want more money. We want to do something useful in life. We want people to be move loving, more caring, and more appreciating towards us. We want people to praise us and pamper us. We feel we have been given a raw deal in life. We feel that that the lives of others around us are much better. We feel that fate has been cruel to us. We feel we could have made better decisions in life. We feel we took the wrong path and made all the wrong choices. And we are in suffering. Are these problems real or are we under illusion? Can these problems be cured?
Most of are quick to judge, to point out the defects in others, to tell them to get over their worries and anxieties. But what is needed is not judgment, but a deep understanding of how human beings are in the grip of their minds, their beliefs, their conditionings, and to help them wake up from these. That is compassion.
Compassion comes only when we let go of judgments, of opinions, of rights and wrongs, of should be and could be, or correct and incorrect and are able to see the whole of existence as one big cosmic dance, in which we are all unique but not special, in which we are all together, yet separate. Compassion happens only when we know there is no one to blame, there are no doers, only events and occurrences. Compassion is understanding the problem—whatever it may be-- and behaving towards others the way you would have them behave towards you. If you have insulted someone in your moment of anger, but now feel bad, how would you have the other person react towards you? With anger or with understanding? Practice that behavior that you would have others do to you, and that is compassion. Because when it comes to ourselves, we want the best from everyone. When you have compassion, you will give your best to everyone, irrespective of his or her faults or mistakes.
If you are able to have compassion and kindness and lovingness to others, irrespective of what they do or say, you have really reached a high level of evolution.

Body, Mind & Spirit
6 October
Dr. P. V. Vaidyanathan
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