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Theodore Roosevelt used to say “Believe you can, and you are half way there”. This one sentence embodies what true faith is all about. What is faith? It is a strong belief –a belief in oneself, a belief in the process of existence, in God, in the Universe, in one’s fellow human beings, in destiny, in fate, in karma---could be anything. What is belief? Belief is a feeling about something that lacks scientific support. And hence we could have different beliefs about the same thing. One man believes that the world is a good safe place. Another believes that the world is a very violent unsafe place. The first man has put his faith in the goodness of the world and surprisingly, he encounters only good things. The second person, on the other hand, has put his faith in negativity, or evil, and not surprisingly, he encounters only bad people, bad events and bad situations--same world, different faiths, but different lives.

Faith can move mountains, they say. And faith cannot be taught or learned. Faith comes from years of believing something and seeing that belief always working for you. And when one has complete faith is someone or something, the Universe appears to move things in such a way that things always work out well. Faith is about understanding the process, trusting the process, and accepting whatever are the consequences. God wants me to be where I am, today, for whatever reason, and I shall be here, happily and joyfully, is the biggest act of faith and trust. Once we reach that level, nothing else is needed and nothing bothers us, as we go about our worldly work, our duties and living our dreams.

This book Speaking of Faith, is the fifth in the ‘Speaking of’ series, the other four being on love, fear, giving, and happiness. It is a collection of 30 powerful quotes on the subject of faith, taken from diverse sources such as the Bible, and made by great persons like Khalil Gibran, Jalalludin Rumi, Rabindranth Tagore, Paulo Coelho to name a few. It is my strong belief (or faith, if you want to call it that) that on reading this book, you will see your life change, your faith become stronger, and life becoming more peaceful and purposeful

Religion & Spirituality
15 September
Dr. P. V. Vaidyanathan
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