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Every human being who is born on this earth suffers from pain and hurts. Pain and suffering are a part and parcel of life. Some hurts go deep, some pain is almost impossible to get over, and keeps lingering. Pain or hurt can be physical, mental or emotional. Physical pain, as we all know, is acute but can be healed or cured with medicines or surgery. There are some conditions where medicines don’t help, and pain persists, and such people need healing.
But when we speak of healing, we are usually referring to healing the mind and the heart. Someone dies, someone deserts us, someone breaks our heart, someone insults us, and some of us get into situation where we are abused—physically, mentally, sexually or emotionally by others. All these categories of human beings need healing, so that they can let go of all the past hurts, and can live their lives reasonably well. If we are carrying too much pain and hurt inside us, we will be unable to live a fulfilling, happy life. We tend to operate from that hurt consciousness, and all our interactions with people will tend to be dysfunctional. Our pain bodies are strengthened with every assault on them, and when the pain body is triggered, we tend to lost control emotionally, and behave badly with ourselves and with others.
Many might tend to take the easy route of escape, in the form of smoking, drinking sex, or drugs. Yet others run after gurus or religious or spiritual groups. Everyone wants peace of mind, joy and harmony. But unless we are healed from the inside, these are difficult to attain and sustain. Healing then becomes of primary importance in our lives. As we heal, we tend to let go of our hurts, the memories, the deep rooted experiences, the anger, the guilt, the frustrations, the grief, and become whole again. And only a person who is whole can be peaceful and can have good relationships with others.
This book is a collection of 30 very powerful quotes on the topic of healing. These quotes are collected from people all over, and include quotes from the Bible and other scriptures and many spiritual, religious, and popular persons. I am sure that by the time you have finished reading this book, you will have a fair idea about healing, and would be on the path of healing.

Body, Mind & Spirit
9 October
Dr. P. V. Vaidyanathan
Smashwords, Inc.

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