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Do you tend to avoid speaking in public? Or are you a seasoned speaker looking for ways to polish and rejuvenate your skills? Whatever your current level of expertise, here’s your chance to cultivate a more powerful speaking voice, master the art of fielding questions, and learn to think on your feet. You may be wondering, “What has public speaking got to do with me and the speaking I do every day?” What you’ll learn from this invaluable guide is that all speaking is public speaking.

Here you’ll find strategies for any occasion, from intimate gatherings around the dining table to school-board meetings, church functions, graduation ceremonies and work-related assemblies. No need to shy away from making a toast at a wedding or a eulogy at a funeral. There are foolproof tips for impromptu or formal situations, for short talks and long presentations, for memorials and celebrations. Unlike most books on speaking, which focus strictly on the business world, “Speaking With Power, Poise and Ease” is designed to maximize the abilities you already have, whether the improvement you seek is purely private or necessary for a successful career.

You’ll learn how to:
§achieve confident speaking skills
§transform nervousness into dynamic energy
§improve your appearance and body language
§make a persuasive argument
§master the art of conversation
§use the telephone more effectively
§deliver a captivating presentation
§develop a rich, engaging speaking voice
§keep your listeners interested
§be creative in presentations
§use humor and visual aids
§build on your own charisma
and much more.

“Speaking With Power, Poise & Ease” will inspire you to embrace future opportunities to speak--and to get your message across with poise, clarity and conviction. Say goodbye to fear of speaking and hello to speaking with enthusiasm.

About the authors:

Elaine Bernstein Partnow is an author, actor, quotologist, editor, instructor and public speaker especially noted for the nationally acclaimed book "The Quotable Woman, The First 5,000 Years" and for her living history portrayals of notable women, which she’s presented to tens of thousands of women, men and children internationally at more than 500 venues. Among her 16 published books are "The Female Dramatist," "The Little Book of the Spirit," and "The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Your True Age." She is has been an on-line columnist for feminist.com and continues to write fiction and nonfiction as well as work as an editor, instructor and writing coach.

Susan Partnow is a former teacher and speech pathologist, with an M.A. in Communication Disorders from Northwestern University, a BA from University of California at Berkeley. A Senior Certified Facilitator with The Compassionate Listening Project, Susan is co-author of “The Art of Compassionate Listening.” She is passionately committed to social transformation, peacemaking and community building. Currently she works as a Senior Organizational Development Consultant at Swedish Health Services in Seattle and is a certified mediator in Restorative Circle practice.

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2 June
Elaine Bernstein Partnow
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