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The Special Crimes Team Series Books 1 - 4

The governor creates the Special Crimes Team--SCaT--a unit of eight misfit cops headed by Lieutenant Michael Williams--a cop known to bend the rules; and hot-tempered Sergeant Nita Slowater. This team is mandated to solve the worst of the worse cases in the State of Washington--cases that make veteran cops question their choice of career. These eight disparate people must set aside their differences and find a way to work together.
Special Crimes Team is a unique series that takes you into the heads and hearts of cops, criminals and victims. This is what Detective Suzanne Eviston of Everett, Washington says about Sketch of a Murder, Book 1: “Loving the book! Especially the killer talking in first person...great!

Sketch of a Murder, Book 1:
The Avenger wants more than blood. Wealthy men accused of sex crimes are tortured to death. Time is running out for SCaT to catch this cold-blooded killer before an innocent man dies!

Street Harvest, Book 2:
Two men gruesomely murderer, their homes and offices ransacked; a young girl’s body discarded in a dumpster; a young boy strangled and found floating face down in Puget Sound; street kids disappearing. Psychic Jaimie Wolfwalker, prepared to do whatever it takes to rescue the missing children--the law be damned--collides with Sergeant Nita Slowater and SCaT. Nine dedicated people struggle to come to terms with each other in the desperate search for clues. While every day more children go missing.
Old Woman Gone, Book 3:
Eighty-five year old Merlie Greene is kidnapped. Was she taken by rabid fundamentalist Christians because she is a witch, or is her disappearance linked to the fifteen-year-old murder of her only granddaughter? Or does she possess an ancient artifact people are willing to kill to own? Nothing is certain, except that the old woman will die if SCaT fails to rescue her.

Backlash, Book 4:
Success can be deadly, if you’re a woman. The governor’s best friend, Ellen Delaney, kidnapped; photos of her chained and beaten are posted on Facebook while a serial rapist stalks successful womenon the streets of Seattle. The only clues--a BDSM club, a ladies’ only gym, old secrets, and a crime committed thirteen years ago. SCaT must stop a cunning and evil mind before more women die, including Ellen Delaney

Crime & Thrillers
20 December
Aya Walksfar
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