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This book helps Christians to discover and celebrate their calling to the workplace. Most Christians are called to the workplace and this book gives a solid biblical foundation to the pursuit of your career-calling. I bring my experience as a Bible College lecturer and principal, as a pastor for twenty years and as a corporate trainer to fill this book with practical understanding on how to both follow your calling and be excellent in the pursuit of your career

The chapter titles are:
1. Embracing a calling-driven career
2. Using gifts and passions in your career: The key to personal effectiveness
3. “Activities” in your career: Expressing your uniqueness
4.Being led by the Spirit in your career: Leadings for spiritual work, physical work and decision making
5. The great commandments: The foundation of priorities
6. Establishing work priorities: Six aspects to consider
7. Time management: Redeeming the time
8. Excellent customer service: Showing servanthood at work
9. Effective Communication: Understanding others
10. Stress Management: Learning the easy yoke
11. Stress Management: Building inner strength
12. Career Planning: Pressing on towards the goal
13. Personal and Professional Development: Being transformed

This book answers questions like:
How do I get started on a Christian career when I have absolutely no money?
How might Christian beliefs affect his/hers choice for a career?
As a Christian, would God allow me to choose my own job or career?
What's a good Christian reason to work hard at my career?
I am a Christian and am looking for a career that will help me out as well as my spiritual life.
Do you think there are certain careers that are not fit for Christians who are serious and really want to take the cross and follow Jesus.
How does a Christian pursue any sort of career in a for-profit company with any heart?
Can one be successful in spiritual practices and be successful in the worldly career simultaneously?
How do I find spiritual purpose in my career?
I am looking for a Christian career but still need to support my family.
What is a good career that uses my Spiritual Gifts?
Are excellent grades important in understanding my career?
Without praying or anything spiritual, how you know a suitable career for you?

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7 September
Wayne Back
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