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We who profess to be the blood-bought people of God really must answer the question, “Am I spiritually minded?” To help us answer biblically, Charles Simeon introduces us to the subject of carnal minds and spiritual minds. John Owen then explains what spiritual mindedness is. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones gives us a powerful exposition of what a carnal mind is, and why it is death. Another question, which is foundational to this subject, is, “Do you have God’s Spirit?” J. C. Ryle answers that question, listing what the Holy Spirit produces in the life of believers, which includes making them spiritually minded. It is true that spiritually minded people have carnal thoughts, and carnally minded people have spiritual thoughts. But spiritually minded people long to be free from carnal thinking, and Jeremiah Burroughs arms us for that battle. What then is the evidence of a spiritual mind? John Owen speaks directly to that question in his second article. And then Jeremiah Burroughs guides us with sound biblical principles for cultivating a spiritual mind. This FGB closes with three articles that give God’s children important things to think about: Thomas Manton urges us to think about death. Samuel Davies points out the folly of not contemplating life in this world in the awesome light of eternity, for every one of us will spend eternity in hell or in the glories of Christ’s holy presence and everlasting joy. Finally, Thomas Reade lifts our eyes of faith and fastens them on heavenly joys. Can you imagine anything better to meditate on than the attributes of the Triune God Who saves us; the Prophet, Priest, and King Who has done everything infinitely necessary to redeem and preserve us for His glorious kingdom; and the Holy Spirit Who births us into that kingdom and empowers us for our journey to the Celestial City? Friend, do you love God with your mind? Think about it.

Religion & Spirituality
10 September
Chapel Library
Mt Zion Bible Church of Pensacola Inc

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