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Spiritual practices are habits or rituals that are performed on a regular basis to strengthen your faith, and deepen the connection you feel to God and other people. Our brains are designed to seek a spiritual connection according to Andrew Newberg, M.D, Director of the Center of Spirituality and the Mind at the University of Pennsylvania. Whether that is a faith in God or the belief that we are part of something more, we are happier when we attend to our spiritual needs.

The study of spiritual practices and their affect on happiness has been the focus of some of the top research universities in the country.

These practices include prayer, meditation, mindfulness and the inner work techniques used by Eastern religions. The results of these studies by behavioral scientists and neuroscientists show that spiritual practices have a profound effect on happiness with an impressive list of benefits that includes:

• More emotional stability
• A greater sense of calmness
• An increase in the natural brain chemistry that supports happiness and well-being
• A more alert mind with better cognitive function
• Resistance to mental and physical aging processes
• Natural healing of emotional illness
• A stronger feeling of contentedness and well-being.

"Spiritual Practices for Happiness" presents ten simple methods to enlist your spirituality — regardless of any religious denomination — to bring more happiness into your life.

The spiritual practices covered include these subjects, each with an explanation of how spirituality works to achieve each goal:

Practice #1 — Quiet Reflection for Insomnia
Practice #2 — Expressing Gratitude
Practice #3 — Meditation for Stress Management
Practice #4 — The Power of Prayer
Practice #5 — Feeding Your Mind
Practice #6 — Just Breathe
Practice #7 — Your Body Is a Sacred Temple
Practice #8 — The Act of Creation
Practice #9 — Make a Joyful Noise
Practice #10 — Give Yourself Away

This simple, short booklet can make all the difference in having a happy life and living with less than you deserve.

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11 July
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