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I’m thinking that perhaps, you are looking for something different, something that takes risks and engages you in a new fashion? Are you screaming, “Where are the odd things anymore?” Can you hear us screaming back, “We’re right here—give us a try!”

Howzabout a sample Winky?

“Eve was Lil’s first. She was the forbidden fruit plucked and eaten. Eve was as plain looking as dry hospital toast. Whether her hair was raven black or navy blue, it was hard to tell. Perhaps one day she had slipped her hair on in the dark; applied one side black, and accidentally mismatched it with dark blue. There was nothing particular about her appearance, nothing to gain notice from anyone. Eve was not invisible, although she was clearly not seen.

At only thirty-eight years old, Eve had climbed Mount Everest, single-handedly raised a pod of motherless blue whales, danced nude in the moonlight with the Dalai Lama, and published four scientific studies on the plight of ear mites in the average house cat. Needless to say, nature had given Eve an exterior that was a clever camouflage for her interior… Eve had a three-kiss maximum before her shirt came off. Eve reasoned, 'By the third kiss I know if I want it at all. And if I want it at all, I want it all.'”

In this app you will find a cast of unique characters including a lactose intolerant cow, a devious little dog, a two-fingered hero and a lying pair of panties. But watch out—our Wishing Star isn’t cute or cuddly—wishes are tricky and fate is capricious, possibly downright murderous.
And Winky, did you want to see a couple of reviews?

“Spoon and the Moon is a full-length, whimsically risqué adult fairytale that features a laugh-out-loud storyline that is decidedly crisp, clever, comical, and crafty… ‘Built’ by lesbians, the iNovel and App is a groundbreaking confluence between the visual—it features clever animations—and a hot soundtrack by musicians from Europe and North America, all woven through a magical storyline based loosely on the English nursery rhyme, Hey Diddle Diddle. If you’re looking for a flirtatious romp of a lascivious, lesbian fairytale, look no further than Spoon and the Moon.” (Joe Sutton for IndieReader and Huffington Post)

“The story is free flowing, meandering between the lives of the characters until they become interwoven into the lives of Elsa and Lil in their exploration of friendship and desires to fill their {ahem} voids. Gorgeous and creative interactive images with drop down boxes and videos are complemented by quixotic musical accompaniments from the cat playing the fiddle to haunting ballads and sound bytes from the Apollo takeoff that keeps the reader fully engaged and captivated. The narrative is filled with language rich with metaphors, sexual innuendo and puns that also presents itself in the art… in this beautifully chimerical and enticing, flirtatious romp…” (Reviewed by Maya Fleischmann for IndieReader)

Spoon and the Moon recently received an "Honorable Mention" at the prestigious 2015 London Book Festival, was the Gold Medal winner of the 2013 IndieReader Discovery Award, also a winner of a the eLit gold medal award, and runner-up in Best App Ever Contest. Spoon and the Moon is a whimsically seductive, adult fairytale.

Comics & Graphic Novels
26 November
Davis Studio
Davis Studio