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At a time when organisations are expected to deliver more with less, the ability to extract latent potential, and grow intelligence and capability is a major competitive advantage. Several indicators suggest we have not really tapped into the human potential lying dormant in our organisations.

How many leaders in your organisation have inspired teams?

By growing leaders, who can inspire teams to perform at their best, teams will move from dependent and needing to be driven to perform, to inspire to lead themselves to outperform and grow.

Imagine if more people felt inspired to contribute more of their talents: what could you achieve as a team or organisation?

An inspired team pulls together to achieve the results it needs to deal with difficult issues, maintain challenging conflict and be tough with each other to hold each other accountable. Inspired teams harbour both warmth and toughness, and contribute to strategic issues, with the perspective it gains from the knowledge and experience in its work.

It is time to start inspiring; it is time for leaders to unlock the dormant potential in teams and organisations.    

Author Biography:

Megumi Miki is an economist and strategist turned leadership and culture specialist. 

Megumi is a consultant, speaker, facilitator and coach with over 20 years’ experience working in or with large corporations including National Australia Bank, ANZ Bank and Accenture. Her experience ranges from organisational development focusing on leadership and culture to strategy and business performance analysis. She takes an approach to Leadership and Organisational Development that taps deeply into hearts and minds while aligning to the strategic goals and leadership challenges for organisations. Megumi has worked with organisations ranging from financial services, energy/utilities, consumer and industrial products, universities to government, and across multiple countries around the world. 

With practical understanding of the opportunities and challenges of leading people, Megumi is passionate about inspiring people to be their best. She is on a mission to create workplaces where people inspire each other to be their best such that they are smart together, not just on their own. 

Megumi believes that we need to evolve to be smart together rather than being smart on our own, and that this is the key to unlocking dormant potential, and solving some of the biggest challenges in organisation and the world today. 

Through her speaking, training and coaching, Megumi expands leaders’ mindsets and skill sets to inspire teams to perform at their best by focusing on making adaptations to every day leadership.


Learn more at www.megumimiki.com.

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1 October
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