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Prince Venedict Semyonov (Ven to his friends) enjoyed running the town of Rockville. An ancient vampire, he had pretty much seen it all and done it all, if the stories told about him were all true. So when he was informed he was due to meet with an alpha wolf shifter, who was asking for sanctuary in his territory, he didn't think a lot about it. Besides, he always thought it was nice to do things for the less fortunate.

Alpha Conroy Donel (Con to all who knew him) was running on fumes and the very last inch of his patience. Since his twin brother's death six weeks before, he was doing his best to keep the remains of the small pack he'd inherited together - a job made a lot more difficult by his grief, and suspicions he had about the people he was supposedly leading. Moving the pack to Rockville was supposed to give them all time to grieve and carve out new lives for themselves, if only he could get his pack to agree.

The meeting between the two leaders caused fireworks, and not the kind wished for by either man. But as Con delved deeper into the mystery surrounding his brother's death he had to wonder who he could trust anymore. When the danger gets closer, Ven and Con have to work together, if they are ever to have the HEA promised to them by the Fates.

This is a standalone MM Vampire and Wolf Shifter true mates story. It contains some scenes of violence and other scenes intended for adults only.

Fiction & Literature
1 February
Lisa Oliver
Smashwords, Inc.

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