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What if Wendy first traveled to Neverland…with Captain Hook?

Sixteen-year-old Wendy Darling's life is not what she imagined it would be. The doldrums of an empty house after her brothers have gone to school, the dull parties where everyone thinks she talks too much, and the fact that her parents have decided to send her away to Ireland as a governess—it all makes her wish things could be different.

Wendy's only real escape is in writing down tales of Never Land. After nearly meeting her hero, Peter Pan, four years earlier, she still holds on to the childhood hope that his magical home truly exists. She also holds on to his shadow.

So when an opportunity to travel to Never Land via pirate ship presents itself, Wendy makes a deal with the devil. But Never Land isn't quite the place she imagined it would be. Unexpected dangers and strange foes pop up at every turn, and a little pixie named Tinker Bell seems less than willing to help.

But when Captain Hook reveals some rather permanent and evil plans for Never Land, it's up to the two of them to save Peter Pan—and his world.

Young Adults
4 February
Disney Book Group
The Walt Disney Company Australia Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

alicemirandaisawesome ,

Great book

I love the Twisted Tale series. They are amazing, and very different yet similar to their movie/s. I’ve read most of them, and none of them disappointed me, Straight on Till Morning included. Although it does take a bit to get to the exciting part, but when it does, it’s FANTASTIC! I have never really watched or read Peter Pan, but after finishing this, I’m dying to. I just wish this book could last longer, partly because I had a few wonderings at the end, like if Wendy ever went back to Never Land to visit her friends.
I am 12 and love these books, so I highly recommend Straight on Till Morning to anyone from 10 and above. Also if you haven’t read any of the other Twisted Tale’s, I also really recommend them as they are all amazing! Liz Braswell, Elizabeth Lim (her books are the only ones I haven’t read yet but I heard they were as good as the others) and Jen Calonita (writers of the Twisted Tale series) are great authors, and always make their books interesting and unexpected. Please read them!!!

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