Studying for GAMSAT: The Least You Should Know

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GAMSAT (The Graduate Medical Schools Admission Test) is a long exam that is used in Australia, Ireland and the UK to select candidates for medical school. 

GAMSAT is a demanding exam, and it is impossible to learn everything you need to. Smart candidates focusing on studying the areas that are most likely to help them in the exam: the least they need to know.

This book is geared toward GAMSAT candidates who want to study efficiently, and to get a GAMSAT score that will be good enough to get an interview for medical school. 

It is written especially for candidates without a lot of background knowledge. The section on GAMSAT essay writing is pitched at readers without a background in writing humanities essays, and the section on science is pitched towards students with little or no background in chemistry, physics and biology. 

This book breaks down the most important points about GAMSAT into bite-sized chunks, including: 

- A template approach to essay writing, and a sample essay 

- Core concepts in chemistry, biology and physics explained in simple language, for students without a science background 

- Each core concept in chemistry, biology and physics is broken down into a list of dot points (the least you need to know) 

- Tips and tricks for how to optimise your performance on the day 

- Resources that will help with generic skills such as vocabulary, grammar and analysing texts 

Readers of the draft text provided the following feedback: 

"Not like anything else on the market." - C, GAMSAT candidate 

"Essential reading. Even people who think they know everything there is to know about GAMSAT will learn something from this book." - N, University librarian 

"I'm not ready for GAMSAT yet, but the chemistry section in this book really helped in my pre-GAMSAT University study as well." - J, Science student 

“This is a great book!” - J, Medical doctor

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14 January
Edward Waters
Edward Waters

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